EC4T Staff

Miss Nicole and Miss Beth : EC4T Room

Ext. 2210


Classroom Teachers


‚ÄčRachel's Place 

Early Learning Center

A Place for God's Children

Support Staff

Miss Ruth    Miss Caitlin   Miss Belle 

Miss Kayla : Cook



Leanne O'Bryan

Ext. 2200


Miss Megan and Miss Kayla
Infant/Toddler Teachers
‚ÄčLadybug Room
Ext. 2203

Miss Bev
2-Year Old Teacher
Bumble Bee Room
Ext. 2204
Miss Catherine 
3/4 Year Old Teacher
Dragonfly Room
Ext. 2207
Miss Denai
EC4T Extended Care Teacher
Firefly Room
Ext. 2208
Miss Sara
2/3 Year Old Teacher Grasshopper Room
Ext. 2205

Miss Denai (Summer)

School Age Teacher 

Ext. 2209