‚ÄčRachel's Place 

Early Learning Center

A Place for God's Children


Miss Sheila
Assistant to the Director
Ext. 2201
Miss Crystal and Miss Kayla
Infant/Toddler Teacher (Ladybug Room)
Ext. 2203
Miss Bev
2-Year Old Teacher (Bumble Bee Room)
Ext. 2204
Miss Catherine 
3/4 Year Old Teacher (Dragonfly Room)
Ext. 2207
Miss Denai
EC4T Extended Care Teacher (Firefly Room)
Ext. 2208
Miss Sara
2/3 Year Old Teacher (Grasshopper Room)
Ext. 2205

Miss Denai (Summer)

School Age Teacher 

Ext. 2209

Classroom Teachers

Support Staff

Miss Ruth  Miss Megan  Miss Courtney      Miss Caitlin    Miss Emily  Miss Alyssa

Miss Kayla : Cook



Leanne O'Bryan

Ext. 2200

Email: rachelsplaceelc@gmail.com

EC4T Staff

Miss Nicole and Miss Beth : EC4T Room

Ext. 2210

Email: npaul@ecasd.us